Q&A for British Students

(Q)  How can I apply this programme if I’d like to participate?

(A)  Please submit the application form online from here. Not only the application form, but also you need to get a signature for the Parent / Guardian Consent Form and send the filled form to

(Q)  What types of participation are there in the programme and how much is the admission fee?

(A)  There are four different types of participation as below.

Type 1 – Participate the whole programme(22-29 July 2017, 8 days) with Rudgwick, Cambridge and London accommodation. The admission fee is £900.00

Type 2 – Participate the whole programme(22-29 July 2017, 8 days) with Rudgwick and Cambridge accommodation. The admission fee is £600.00.

Type 3 – Participate the partial programme(22, 25-29 July 2017, 6 days) with London accommodation. The admission fee is £400.00.

Type 4 – Participate the partial programme(22, 25-29 July 2017, 6 days) without any accommodation. The admission fee is £150.00.

Please see the schedule plan and tariff table from here.

(Q)  Do I need to stay in accommodation?

(A)  No. You can commute from your home during the programme.

(Q)  Can I attend the programme only in London?

(A)  Yes but you have to attend the first day held at Rikkyo School in England, Rudgwick.

(Q) What is included in the admission fee?

(A) The admission covers refreshment and light meal during the participation. If you stay in accommodation, Full Board and coach transport will be included. Also we will provide free shuttle service from Guildford Station to the Rikkyo School in England, Rudgwick.

(Q) Do I have to speak or understand Japanese?

(A) No, not necessarily but it is recommended that you study basics of Japanese because there’re some Japanese Language / Culture session in the programme.

(Q) Which grade of student can apply?

(A) Applicants who are based in UK will be expected to be 16-18 years old so they are in the Year 11-13, Sixth Form College, the last year of MYP, or Diploma / Carrer-Related Programme on IB. The reason why we set the age group is to meet the same generation who are coming from Japan.

(Q) How many students participate in the UJYC programme?

(A) There are 40 seats for the UK students  for the maximum  this year.

(Q) How can I get informed if I am confirmed on UCL Japan Youth Challenge 2017?

(A) Once the application form is received at UJYC Committee, the committee will contact you to confirm your place. However, you need to get the Parent/Guardian Consent Form prepared before the program starts.

– Programme –
(Q) The leaflet mentions Duke of Edinburgh Awards. Which section can I get?

(A)  You can apply Residential Section of Gold Awards by participating this programme but you have to spend 5 days and 4 nights taking part in our activity with people who you’ve never met before. You had better ask your local / school DofE advisor in advance.

(Q)  What time do the activities start and finish each day?

(A)  Most of the activities start from 9:30am and finish at 17:00 and especially for the farewell party, it may last until around 20:00 but you won’t have to stay if you need to leave early.

(Q) What is the novelty of the program this year?

(A) In 2017, we use the newly opened facility of UCL School of Management as the venue of one of the  lectures. It’s on the 38th floor of the iconic One Canada Square, Canary Wharf in London so we’re excited to provide you the unique atomosphere in the one of the UK’s two main financial centres.

(Q) What do I need to wear during the programme?

(A) We have a sports activity and formal reception, public symposium / lecture programme during the programme so you need to prepare appropriate shoes/clothes.  Especially for the formal reception, smart clothes (no trainers, no jeans) will be suitable.

If you would like some special arrangement for the schedule, we would consider it so please contact us by e-mail: