Day 5 – UCL

26th July

  • Morning Sessions

9:30 – 11:00 UCL Campus Tour

11:00 – 12:00 Lecture

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Speaker: Prof. Mark Miodownik at Institute of Making

Title: “Stuff Matters”

Afternoon Session

Grand Challenge Workshop

13:00 – 17:00
Venue: UCL Institute of Advanced Studies

Theme: Social/Business Entrepreneurship

Facilitator: Dawn Reeves (Facilitate This)

Plenary Speaker: To be determined

Illustrator: Jess Milton (Scriberia)

Following huge success of the UCL-Japan Youth Challenge 2015 and 2016, this year we will organize another grand challenge workshop. The theme of the workshop will be determined around March 2017.


13:00     Welcome, historical context, workshop aims

Yasu Takeuchi & introducing Dawn Reeves and Nozomi Sakata.

13:10     Setting up for the Workshop

Introductions, outline of the event and how we will work, warming up to Social Enterprise.

13.40      Making change through social enterprise!

Defining social enterprise and social innovation, examples of how it works in practice and innovative collaboration between Japan / UK

14.00      Triggers and inspirations – What social issues affect you and yourcommunities? What are you motivated to work on? We will help you find a group to work with.

15.00           Tea

15.20      Developing ideas – what’s the problem you want to solve?

This session will clarify your understanding of the problem and involve generating ideas and thinking creatively.

16.00      How will you solve it?

We will explore different approaches to making social innovation and social enterprises, how will you make change?

16.35      Making headlines   

When our social enterprises or innovations succeed in making change what will the papers say?

16.50      Review of the Workshop and Thanks

17:00          Close

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