University College London

University College London (UCL)


UCL is the third oldest university in the UK, founded by the philosopher Jeremy Bentham. It is the world’s first university to be entirely secular, to admit students regardless of their religion, and to admit women on equal terms with men. In the 2014/15 QS World University Rankings, UCL is ranked joint 5th in the world. UCL is also ranked 1st of British Universities according to theGovernment. There are 29 Nobel Prize winners including William Bragg and Francis Crick. The most recent winner was Prof. John O’Keefe who received Physiology or Medicine 2014 based on his discovery of place cells in a brain. Alexander Graham Bell, and Charles Darwin and Mahatma Gandhi were also the members of UCL. UCL has a historically important relation with Japan. Choshu five and Satsuma 19 studied at UCL around 150 years ago and the members of those two groups contributed to establish modern Japan. UCL is celebrating this history  of 150 years relationship with Japan.


Jeremy Bentham
The Greatest Happiness Of The Greatest Number

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