UCL Grand Challenge

本プログラムのメインイベントとなるのがUCL Grand Challengeワークショップです。

UCL Grand Challenge is the mechanism through which expertise from across UCL and beyond can be brought together to address the world’s key problems. They support researchers to think about how their work relates to global issues.

UCLは世界が抱える大きな問題の解決を目指し、”UCL Grand Challenge“のタイトルの元以下に掲げる6分野について学部・専門を横断した取り組みを行っています。


Subject 1: Global Health

(medicine, science, technology, policies, regulation, etc)

Subjuct 2: Sustainable Cities

(politics, society, technology, science etc)

Subject 3: Cultural Understanding

(social and cultural diversity, human rights, policies,diplomacy, history etc)

Subject 4: Human Wellbeing

(philosophy, law, economics, psychology, architecture, art, etc)

Subject 5: Justice and Equality

(education, health, technology, law, cultural heritage etc)

Subject 6: Transformative Technology 

(technology, business, health, society architecture etc)