For British Students

We will organize UCL-Japan Youth Challenge from 22nd July to 29th July 2017. 

Application for UCL-Japan Youth Challenge 2017 for UK students is now available from here!

All UK participants are required to fill in the parent consent form and send it by e-mail to “youth.challenge.ucl@gmail.com” separately.

Click here for 2017 Schedule Plan and Tariff                           (Important Information: Tariff was modified and plan 4 which does not include overnight stays in college accommodation will be free of charge.  )

Leaflet (PDF)   page 1 / page 2


Hosted at one of the highest ranking universities in the world, the UCL Japan Young Challenge is an exciting series of activities bringing together pre-university students from the UK and Japan.

During the programme lasting 8 days, students from both sides of the globe will integrate and engage together in a series of topic focused activities including workshop, lectures, and symposium. These activities are designed to stimulate interest in global issues that are likely to be encountered in the future.

The highlight will be a Grand Challenge workshop that will discuss a topic that is becoming increasingly important in our society. This year’s topics is “Social Entrepreneurship”. This workshop will be accompanied by an open symposium which provides a unique opportunity to receive lectures by high-profile UCL and international academics.


The UCL Youth Challenge will provide a unique enrichment to participating students. The contents of the programme are designed to increase awareness and stimulate discussion of international issues, while also developing skills in communicating to large diverse audiences.



Some of the world’s leading researchers have been invited to speak at this workshop, with lectures coverring a range of topics from humanities to sciences. The lectures provide a precious opportunity to ask questions regarding their world class research.

During the programme, students are encouraged to ask as many questions as possible!

The lecture series is also a fantastic taster of university style learning, which may help students decide the course they wish to enroll in at uni.

Grand Challenge


The Grand Challenge is a UCL-run symposium with aims to cultivate leadership, foster interdisciplinary expertise and realise the impact of a global university.

During the symposium, students will be mixed in groups to discuss key world problems and engage in activities. Each group will then present their findings at the end of the Grand Challenge.

The topics for discussion are designed to stimulate interest in global and social issues with which the world will be faced in the future.


Unique Environment

This is rare opportunity to be immersed in a diverse cultural environment. Half of the attendees will be students from Japan, and the events will be hosted at world leading universities.

All the events will be held in lecture theatres, classrooms and libraries of the universities, and the students will be staying for the duration of the programme at university accomodations.


Japanese Language and Culture

In addition to exploring exciting topics in the workshop, students will be in an environment with many local high-school students from Japan. This is a bonus for students interested in the Japanese language as they will be able to engage in discussion with Japanese locals.

Similarly, for the Japanese students it is a chance for them to practice their English communication.


The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The time spent during this workshop counts towards the Residential section of activities for the Gold award Duke of Edinburgh programme.

This is a massive advantage, as the Gold award is regarded as a prestigious award which allows recipients to stand out in future applications for university and for employment.


22nd – 29th  July 2017


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Outline of Programme

  • 22 July: Opening Ceremony, making friendships, BBQ at Rikkyo School in England.
    Accommodation: Rikkyo School in England
  • 23 July: Move to Cambridge, visit museum, university of Cambridge.
    Accommodation: University of Cambridge
  • 24 July: Educational day in Cambridge, lectures and workshops at University of Cambridge
    Accommodation:  University of Cambridge
  • 25 July: Move to London. Soseki-Shakespeare workshop at UCL
    Accommodation: University of London International Hall
  • 26 July: UCL Campus Tour,  Lectures, Grand Challenge Workshop at UCL
    Accommodation: University of London International Hall
  • 27 July: Language lesson,  Entrepreneurship lectures and workshops.
    Accommodation: University of London International Hall
  • 28 July: Language sessions, lectures and Social Entrepreneurship Symposium at UCL
  • 29 July: London Orientation Rally (stamp rally) in London, Closing Ceremony and Farewell Party at UCL

Check the Day~ pages on the side menu for further information.




16-18 years old


The cost of all educational activities are free, which is supported by various fundings. We request the fee that covers breakfast, dinner, accommodation, and translocation. Japan Foundation provide accommodation support (£100/person) for 25 British students. In the following fees, the financial supplement by Japan Foundation is already included.

Fees for participation

◯Important Information: Tariff was modified and plan 4 which does not include overnight stays in college accommodation will be free of charge. 

  • Type-1: £900. A majority of food, accommodation, transfer during whole week are covered. The Residential section of activities for the Gold award Duke of Edinburgh programme.
  • Type-2: £600. A majority of food, accommodation, transfer during whole week are covered except accommodation in London.
  • Type-3*: £400. No Cambridge programme. A majority of food, accommodation, transfer during your participation are covered.
  • Type-4*: £150 £0. No Cambridge programme. BBQ, some lunch some dinner, refreshment during your participation are covered.
  • Other:  We are flexible. If your plan does not fit with the four types above, please select this and contact with us.

*In Type-3 and 4, students can join to the Cambridge programme by own cost of travel.

Information for Parents

Safety of the students is the most important issue for us. We UCL-Japan Youth Challenge tries to provide the best safe environment for the students. UCL-Japan Young Challenge is significantly supported by many volunteers. We will arrange several volunteer guardians during whole programme.

More information is available in leaflet (page 1/page 2), the programme, and our webpage. http://www.young-challenge.science

Online registration is available: Application Form

Parent Approval Form (mandatory) can be downloaded here (docx / pdf).

If you have any question, please contact with Mr Miyahara, E-mail: youth.challenge.ucl@gmail.com

The schedule can be altered according to the circumstances.
The cancellation is not acceptable and it is not refundable after the application.
UCL Youth Challenge, as the date Controller, collects personal information. The information is used only to promote event (including photographs shown in the website) and responding inquiries. The information is collected and shared between UCL, CIIE.Asia and japan at UK.


This event follows from the success of the UCL Japan Youth Challenge 2015, originally hosted to mark the 150th anniversary of the Satsuma 14 students’ arrival at UCL in 1865.

There we some of the first ever Japanese students to study outside of their country, and upon return played leading roles in modernising Japan. As  a result, a strong and lasting connection has been established between UCL and japan.

In 2016, the programme was in collaboration with Fukushima prefecture, which was damaged by the East Japan Disaster 5 years ago. The program in 2017 will be about social entrepreneurship in tribute to the accomplishment of the Japanese students in 19th century.


UCL Japan Youth Challenge is supported by many organisations: UCL, University of Cambridge, The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation, Japan Foudation, The UCL Academy, Japan Foundation, Japan Society for Promotion of Science, Japan Embassy, Rikkyo School (UK), CIIE-Asia, IHI and Ajinomoto. Also, a number of volunteers are involved in this program.

In particular, Japan Foundation has generously provided financial support for the UK students.